Our Holistic Alcohol Rehab Program Works

Are you or a loved one suffering from the disease of alcoholism? We are here to help!

Our beautiful and serene facilities ensure focus is placed on your holistic recovery; our comprehensive set of treatment programs will cover all of your rehab needs. The best part? Free airfare to your rehab home, and a price that’s more affordable than centers with half our experience and amenities.

Bow Creek and Bella Vista Recovery Centers accept many forms of insurance and offer scholarship options to help with costs.
Holistic Alcohol Rehab - Serene Facility

Alcohol is “Socially Acceptable”

Alcoholism is a disease that we have successfully treated at Bow Creek and Bella Vista Recovery Centers. Alcohol is a legal substance in the United States, but it truly is classified as a drug. Just as with drug addictions, those of you who have chosen alcohol as your drug of choice suffer the same pain and disconnect from your true self as those who use other drugs. However, because it is a socially acceptable drug it is easier to make excuses for your use.

Alcoholism is a disease that shows itself as a craving, that strong urge to drink that feels like a need. It continues to a loss of control in which you are unable to stop drinking once you have begun. Next is the physical dependence to the degree that, without the alcohol, you feel the symptoms of nausea, sweating, shaking and anxiety. These symptoms of alcohol addiction are scary. They feel awful, and they can actually be fatal depending on how severe the alcoholism is. Finally, it takes more and more alcohol to get “high”.

The Problems Associated With Alcoholism

The disease of alcoholism affects you and your whole family, society, your health, and very likely causes legal problems. Are you aware that if you get a DUI the cost could be much more than an alcohol rehab program? The loss of your license and the payments due in relation to the damages you may have caused can create a financial burden. However, the possible death of another human being due to your drunken driving is far too expensive to chance. Make Bow Creek and Bella Vista your holistic alcohol treatment centers and take that fear of what might happen away.

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We have a comprehensive program to treat alcoholism. Our highly trained staff supports you personally in our small intimate facilities. This means you will have your one-on-one time with our drug and alcohol counselor. Having one-on-one time in alcohol rehab gives you the time and support to find the painful feelings that have hurt you so much and contributed to drinking. Holistic alcohol treatment centers are few and far between, and ours are special due to our caring staff and intimate settings.

group counselingYou also receive full support to do this work in group. Since we are so small, you will never get lost in your group sessions. Our group sessions maintain a small, intimate setting to receive support from others who have similar issues. As you experience group you will find that you are not alone in your pain. You have your own issues, as each of our clients have, yet the basis of these issues usually turns out to be the same as others you are sharing the group with. In our group sessions we have seen various clients become supportive friends to each other. You will go forward in life with knowledge for recovery and the support of the new friends you find at Bow Creek and Bella Vista holistic alcohol treatment centers, as well as our staff. Our exclusive alcohol treatment program supports you with our Aftercare Support Program.

We Understand Alcoholism

We use a state of the art gym that will help to get you started on a new way of treating your body as a gift for you to enjoy. Our residential holistic alcohol treatment centers not only help to heal the pain that you have felt and the bad feelings that have controlled your life, but it also creates the physical support for you to gain strength and health. We have an amazing Chef who teaches and supports understanding of good nutrition and how it helps your body to heal. You get to enjoy very tasty, well prepared and healthful food. It is amazing!

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We are here to help and look forward to being the rehab facilities to offer you everything you need to heal. Just think of how it will feel to be the best that you can be and to offer the best of yourself to your family, your work, and to society. This is what we can do for you. Once you make the choice to make the change we look forward to helping you. We offer this to you so please accept our assistance…come join us in our caring and personalized holistic alcohol treatment centers, Bow Creek and Bella Vista.