Our Addiction Intervention Services Work

What is an addiction intervention?

We at Bow Creek and Bella Vista Recovery Centers understand the experience of having someone that we care very deeply about who has a drug or alcohol problem. More than this we are aware of how difficult it can be to get the loved one to decide that they need treatment. Very often they must hit bottom, whatever that means for them, before the decision is made. Unfortunately hitting bottom can be as drastic as death.

What is an addiction intervention?

A Place of Comfort

An addiction intervention creates a place for the person with the problem to understand how much you care about them. It is where they can decide to enter treatment with the support of those who love them and care about them. It is an experience that helps to educate the family about the disease of addiction and to help the family to understand their loved one in a deeper more meaningful way.

The intervention supports the family to choose their own recovery. It also supports the recovered person to re-integrate back into the family in a positive and healthy manner. With the help of an Interventionist the whole family can be a part of the healing process.

Drug & Alcohol Interventions at Bow Creek Recovery

Having a professional Interventionist work with your loved one is a way to avoid having your loved one hit bottom on their own. With the gentle professional help of a trained Interventionist your loved one and the whole family will be supported to make the choice to seek recovery before hitting bottom. Having a professional assist in this process can positively increase the chances of the one you love being admitted to a drug treatment program or an alcohol treatment program.

We are connected with several very distinguished Interventionists who use a variety of intervention methods to assist the person to make a choice about their recovery. There are a variety of interventions available.

The Purpose of an Alcohol or Drug Intervention

The main purpose of this intervention is to include everyone involved so that the person with the addiction problem helps to make the choice for themselves to get the help they need. Our Interventionists have had a very high rate of success in getting those in need to decide that it is time for residential drug treatment or alcohol treatment. By being a part of the decision the addicted person is then willing to be a part of the therapy that supports their recovery. When they are willing they choose to do the work that is so necessary for them to attain their chosen recovery from drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

The Purpose of an Alcohol or Drug Intervention

We Help Bring Families Together

At Bow Creek and Bella Vista Recovery Centers we want to support the whole family and the person with an addiction issue to choose to help themselves. We have caring, highly trained Interventionists available to help you and your entire family, to support your loved one, to get the help that they need.

An intervention by Bow Creek and Bella Vista brings families and friends together, educating those affected by a loved-one’s behavioral health problem—from addiction to mental health concerns—allowing everyone to understand the disorder itself and how to break the cycle of suffering.

Interventions are empowering experiences. Families leave with an understanding of each person’s respective role in the recovery process, as well as a renewed ability to lead their own fulfilling lives. Interventions create the opportunity for the individual to take a step back and evaluate actions, consequences and potentials.

Let Us Help Today

We stress the need for immediate action—don’t wait until the problem worsens. If you’re concerned enough to be on this site, the problem is severe enough to begin addressing. Call today and tell us about your situation, learn more about how to initiate an intervention and what to expect from the process. Call our toll free number on this page so that we may help you find the interventionist who is best suited for your loved one.