Our Rehab Staff

Bow Creek and Bella Vista Recovery Center’s Staff

Bow Creek and Bella Vista Recovery Centers offer highly trained, caring, committed professional staff members who are excited about supporting your recovery. They have chosen this field due to their personal in-depth experience with the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions.

Our Bow Creek-Bella Vista staff is here to provide an environment where you are able to achieve your recovery intentions. Our staff creates a team who work together to support your efforts. Through their rigorous treatment processes, you are helped to move forward to your own personal success. Each client works with the team and their own individual counselor to attain the growth and understanding they deserve. Our staff is grateful for the opportunity to help each and every individual and takes pride in the success of our clients and the beneficial changes to their lives.

Our unique combination of experienced drug and alcohol counselors each bring superior qualities to the work they do to help to create positive change in your lives. The breadth of their experiences has shaped our team’s thorough understanding of the challenges, accomplishments, and needs of patients undergoing drug and alcohol rehab treatment.

The most important quality our staff members have is that they have the ability to show love and compassion. Besides this they have a high level of professional expertise that they bring to each client.  Our staff members are completely dedicated to the full success of each and every individual client. Our clients can feel this dedication, and are completely aware that our staff members are there for them, all the way. We firmly believe that each and every one of our clients has the ability to succeed to their fullest potential. This belief supports not only the client but their loved ones as well.

Our Rehab Staff

Don Medrano Tennison MSW, MAC – Executive Director

Don Medrano

Don Medrano has had the privilege of working in the helping profession for 35 years. During that time he has held positions from administrator to clinician and educator. One of his many accomplishments includes the 2nd Judiciary Juvenile Family Court in Hawaii as a Child Custody Department Supervisor. He has held a position with the State of Idaho Department of Corrections at the South Boise Women’s Correctional Facility, implementing Treatment Community Track, Cognitive Self-Change, and Relapse Prevention groups, and facilitated all Chemical Dependency Education for the female Rider Program. In Hawaii Don developed, organized and implemented the First Annual Maui Chemical Dependency Conference. He was also employed by ADA County Juvenile Court Services in Boise, Idaho and implemented the first juvenile drug court in the State of Idaho. Don is a chemical dependency expert and has been recruited to speak at state conferences and on national radio about marijuana and other drugs of abuse. Among his many accomplishments Don has developed effective practices for working with families and hard to reach clients. Don developed and implemented the Bow Creek/Bella Vista clinical program which supports each and every client towards the potential of personal success.

Dr. Jon-eric Baillie, MD, FABAM

Dr. Jon-eric Baillie is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and is Medical Director at Bow Creek Recovery Center as well as Raise the Bottom Training and Counseling. Dr. Baillie holds degrees in Nursing, English, Bio Chemistry and History. Dr. Baillie has been married for 36 years and has 2 beautiful daughters. Before medical school at the University of Massachusetts from 87’ – 91’, Dr. Baillie spent 5 years as a Registered Nurse. He completed his residency at the University of Pittsburg from 91’ – 96’. After completing his residency, he spent 2 years as an Anesthesiologist at the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. He was partners in a family practice office from 2000 – 2012, with the last 8 of those years split between family practice and mental health. Since 2012 he has found his true calling, Addiction Medicine, working with people who suffer from substance abuse issues. As a recovering addict of 13 years, he has compassion and empathy for others with the same illness.

Professional Chef

Emilie Haynes

Emilie Haynes has been in the culinary / hospitality industry since 2004. She is attracted to the artistry of how different ingredients complement each other while creating new exciting flavor profiles with the freshest ingredients. After acquiring her formal culinary arts degree in 2006, Emilie went on to become Sous Chef at a country club, where she was tasked with managing banquets and caterings, along with food preparation, inventory tracking, and menu building. Her leadership skills and zeal for challenges landed her a Kitchen Manager position at Ling and Louie’s and then Executive Chef at Bow Creek Recovery Center. It is here that she has found the most satisfaction. “I have been blessed with being able to share what I am passionate about in the most positive way. Helping others find value in good quality foods while being challenged to create meals that fit everyone’s needs is very rewarding.”


Erica Lopez

Erica Lopez, LMSW, graduated from Boise State University, School of Social Work, in 2013. Throughout schooling and previous employment, Erica has had the opportunity to serve vulnerable populations within the Boise area, helping to facilitate their physical and psychosocial rehabilitation. Erica describes becoming a social worker for two reasons; she has a passion for helping others in all areas of life by using her natural propensity to talk to people therapeutically, and she enjoys learning about various cultures and advocating for diversity for all populations and communities.

Eric incorporates Strength Based Therapy while working in addictions. Erica uses this therapy in order to create hope and change by helping clients focus on the positive, the effective, and the reasonable solutions that are available. Erica also enjoys using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to help her patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors. She finds this extremely educational while focusing on addiction. Erica has experience and knowledge in: crisis intervention, addiction, trauma, grief and loss, and family therapy.

Erica is a native of Boise, Idaho, and she enjoys the outdoors, sporting events, and spending time with her family and her two black labs. Erica finds balance in life by being able to enjoy her work, make time for family and friends, being active, eating delicious foods, and reading for enjoyment. Erica continues to volunteer within the community through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Idaho and loves being a mentor to young adults and children. Erica has found happiness and challenge while being employed through Bow Creek and looks forward for all the things to come!

Office Manager

Tricia Page

Tricia Page has worked for Bow Creek Recovery Center since October 2011. While employed at Bow Creek she is pleased to have received a great wealth of knowledge and training. Most of Tricia’s career has been focused on helping those in need. She spent 8 years working with Domestic Violence Victims from all walks of life. Her passion is to help others and to learn from all their experiences. In her time employed at Bow Creek she has held several different positions, and she says each one has taught her something new and challenged her to step out of her comfort zone. In her personal life Tricia has had a great deal of firsthand experience with addiction and how it affects everyone. She has seen some amazing transformations in people’s lives that started with treatment at Bow Creek. Tricia is proud to be a part of this organization and looks forward to what is to come in the future.

Michael Biggins M.Ed, CADC

Michael Biggins

Michael Biggins M.Ed, CADC has been in the treatment services for the last 7 years. Michael has held positions as a crisis intervention specialist, counselor, treatment supervisor and assistant drug court coordinator. Michael has worked in nearly all adult treatment modalities – from conflict resolution for violent offenders to court supervised treatment for a diverse adult addicted population to medically managed treatment care for opiate sufferers to self-determined outpatient services to education for patients, families and the community. Michael’s greatest accomplishment was his involvement in bringing a Veteran specific specialty court program to Ada County Idaho. Michael brings a supportive, patient-centered, strength-based approach to the multidisciplinary team at Bow Creek. Michael recognizes the treatment focused, 24-hour structured, holistic care offered by the Bow Creek program affords patients the greatest opportunity for success and he is proud to be a member of the team of clinicians.