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Facility Pictures

Fitness Center

This large, fully equipped fitness space makes working out a pleasure. Note: The fitness...

Climbing Wall – Offsite

Get an awesome, rewarding, fun workout on our indoor climbing wall. Note: The climbing...


Cozy bedrooms make for a great place to relax and recover.

Game Room

Our game room has a pool table, billiards table and comfortable couches to relax on.

Living Room

Feel right at home as you lounge in the living room.

Bow Creek

Located in a beautiful park like setting with flowing white fences.


Clean, spacious bathrooms.

Living Room

Relax by the fireplace or watch some television.

Bella Vista

Large, beautiful home set on a hill with spectacular views.

Welcome to Bow Creek and Bella Vista Recovery Centers

Enjoy the serene tranquility of nature’s beauty at Bow Creek recovery center. Our uniquely situated alcohol and drug rehab facilities offer you the opportunity to focus on the most important part of your addiction treatment and recovery… You! Without being bothered by the distracting hustle and bustle of the outside world, our clients are able to truly center themselves and regain control over their addictions. Our staff of highly trained and caring professionals is there every step of the way to guide you on your journey, offering you the tools you need to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Our holistic addiction treatment services are priced far below the average cost of other less well-appointed centers. Bow Creek and Bella Vista are in the business of helping, and we pride ourselves on providing this assistance at the lowest possible cost to those in need. We even provide free airfare for those admitted to care for at least 30 days… our way of showing that we are serious about your recovery!

A Warm and Caring Environment at Bow Creek Recovery

Bow Creek and Bella Vista Recovery drug rehab centers provide a warm and caring environment for patients in need of addiction treatment. Tour our facilities today to see the natural beauty and comfortable amenities that await clients in our picturesque setting.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

We have a highly-trained, caring, dedicated staff that uses a variety of therapeutic approaches. At Bow Creek and Bella Vista we offer an approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation that starts and ends with support. We are here for you every step of the way. Our holistic drug addiction treatment programs focus on cultivating a new healthy lifestyle and transforming clients. Healthy food, healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy outlook are the key to recovery – we give clients the tools to achieve these goals.

Addiction Rehab Services

Our beautiful and serene drug rehab centers ensure focus is placed on your holistic recovery; our comprehensive set of addiction therapy programs will cover all of your addiction rehab needs. The best part? Free airfare to your rehab home, and a price that’s more affordable than centers with half our experience and amenities. At Bow Creek & Bella Vista Recovery Center we accept many forms of insurance and offer scholarship options to help with costs associated with our alcohol and drug treatment programs. Check our list of accepted providers and learn about scholarship offers that can help reduce the cost of addiction treatment for our clients.

Please call us at [phone] to learn more about us. We are here to help you get exceptional addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

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